Welcome to the DigitalBard Video Showroom!

I am a Web Designer by profession and over the past two years I have begun to learn the process of Digital Video editing and Video Animation design.

As I create new animations and video show-pieces, I will debut them here where they can be downloaded and used in your own Video and Multi-media projects.  Because of space limitations, older items may occasionally be removed to make room for newer items.

Some of the items on the site can be downloaded for free, but I have added a modest fee to most of the items in the hopes that the small amount of money I make will allow me to continue with training and get new plugins and such to help me grow as an artist.  By purchasing these items you will help keep me motivated.

Items that are removed from this site will end up on my Pond5 account at www.pond5.com where you will still be able to purchase them, but at a higher price due to their fee structure.  So if you are interested in something, get it here first before the price goes up later.

If you are curious as to what software I am using to create these animations...  I am primarily using Adobe After Effects for my final composition.  I use Autodesk 3D Studio Max for most of the 3D model related work and Ulead Cool 3D Studio when the 3D work isn't that complicated.

My primary video "editors" of choice are Photodex ProShow Producer and Adobe Premiere Elements.

All of the images I have available for download are originals and were created by me and therefore I own copyright on them.  Items available for download are offered Royalty Free for your own personal use and you may not redistribute or sell them without permission, except as part of your own production.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something you can use.